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What is Cabergoline

Cabergoline can be described as an orally-dispensible tablet that is used to treat various medical issues that develop due to the excess of the hormone prolactin gets made.

It is utilized to treat menstrual issues and fertility issues in both women and men, as well as pituitary prolactinomas (tumors of the pituitary gland). It stops the brain from producing and releasing prolactin hormone through the pituitary gland.

Cabergoline belongs to a family of drugs known as dopaminergic agonists. It works by reducing the volume of prolactin in the body, which is a hormone. This medicine is a prescription drug only available in generic form.

How to use Cabergoline

Take this medication by mouth once or twice a week, without food, or as prescribed by your doctor. Cabergoline is only available in the form of a pill that must be swallowed.

The dosage is determined by your medical condition and treatment response. To assist reduce side effects, your doctor will start you on a low dose and gradually raise it over several months. Carefully follow your doctor’s recommendations.

To receive the best benefit from this drug, take it on a daily basis. Mark the days on the calendar that you need to take the prescription to help you remember.

If your issue persists or worsens, contact your doctor.

There is no brand-name equivalent to this product. It is only available in the form of a pill that must be swallowed.

Dosage of Cabergoline

Cabergoline tablet is prescribed for short-term usage. If you do not take it as directed, there are significant consequences.

If you suddenly stop taking your prescription medicine or do not take it, you should see your doctor. Your prolactin levels will stay high for the foreseeable future. Elevated plasma concentrations of estrogen in women may cause changes in ovulation, menstrual cycles, and breast milk production.

Males with high prolactin levels may have difficulties reproducing and may experience sexual issues. Reduced sexual desire and difficulty in acquiring or sustaining an erection are examples of these symptoms.

A missed dose or failure to take your medication on time, Cabergoline may result in your therapy not functioning or perhaps stopping completely, depending on your situation. For this medication to function correctly, it must be always present in your body at a precise level.

If you take to overdose on the drug, you may develop harmful amounts of the substance in your body. Overdoes of cabergoline medicine might cause the following ailments: nasal congestion, dizziness, and hallucination. If you believe you have taken more and more of this medication, contact your doctor or a local emergency control center.

Possible side effects of the drug

Cabergoline oral tablets can cause drowsiness as well as other side effects such as nausea, constipation, headache, dizziness, weakness or lack of energy, etc.

Serious side effects scarring of tissue organs, such as your heart, lungs, and kidneys, trouble breathing, frequent cough, chest pain, and stomach pain symptoms can include.

Call your doctor right away if you have serious side effects.

Why Cabergoline for hyperprolactinemia?

Hyperprolactinemia is a condition that an increase in prolactin, a natural substance that aids breastfeeding women to produce milk.

But sometimes may cause physical complications for women who are not breastfeeding such as being unable to bear a child, milk production, sexual problems, and loss of bone calcium, etc.

Cabergoline is a prescription drug used to cure hyperprolactinemia. This occurs while your pituitary gland produces a surplus of prolactin. An imbalance in your hormones or a tumor in your pituitary gland may increase prolactin levels.

High prolactin levels may hurt a woman’s ovulation, menstrual cycle, and ability to produce breast milk. Prolactin levels that are too high in males might interfere with reproduction and result in sexual issues. These difficulties include the diminished desire for sex and the inability to obtain or sustain an erection.

General warning

Cabergoline is classified as a category B pregnancy medication. That implies two things: Firstly, Animal studies have revealed no danger to the fetus when the mother takes this medicine. Secondly, there haven’t been sufficient medical studies to determine if the medicine is harmful to the fetus.

If you are pregnant or want to become pregnant, then you should check with your doctor.

Breastfeeding women should be advised that it is uncertain whether or not this drug passes into breast milk during the breastfeeding process. If this is the case, it may have detrimental consequences for a nursing baby. Cabergoline may potentially interfere with your ability to produce breast milk. You may have to choose between discontinuing breastfeeding and stopping this medication.

In the case of seniors, it is possible that their kidneys and livers are not functioning as well as they once were. Consequently, your body may have a more difficult time metabolizing drugs. More medication is retained in your system for a longer amount of time due to this. As a result, you have a greater probability of encountering negative consequences.

There has been no analysis of this cabergoline medicine in children. It should not be administered to anyone under the age of 18.


For cabergoline storage, temperatures should be maintained between 25-30°C. Store this medicine in its safe box. To avoid contamination, keep this medication away from moist or damp areas.


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